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Doctor Todd Delivers Roadside Assistance

While on her annual tour to raise funding for Alzheimer’s, cyclist and journalist Judy Steffes shares an encouraging word.
“While neighbors try to make sense of what’s happening across the country I thought I’d shed some light on great people who are stepping up and showing fantastic generosity and trust.

Friday was a big day on the road and I’m really pushing my limits. Normally I land in a community and make it my home base at 4 p.m. but after grinding out 68 miles I though I had 20 more miles left in my tank.

I’m riding on a bit of emotion as well. Midway though directions from the locals I realized I got myself into trouble.

This was a Friday afternoon and everyone wanted to start their weekend which can make for a dicey situation on the road.

A narrow shoulder combined with heavy truck traffic was not a good recipe.

That’s when Dr. Todd Gray came to my rescue – literally.

“Wisconsin,” he said. “I went to medical school in Wisconsin.”

Dr. Gray didn’t mind that I stunk to high heaven. He was patient with my putty for brains and dragged me to a safe place in Iowa City.

“I just can’t see leaving you here,” he said.

I reassured him that feeling was normal.

That didn’t seem to help him as he checked on me three more times before he left.

Just a quick reminder and some reassurance…. there are great and caring people, especially in an environment when we are wary of what might happen next.”

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