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Shullsburg, the Burg and the Brew

Pedaled into The cozy town of Shullsburg, Wis. on Saturday afternoon. A mining town with a Main Street that ran about four blocks. 

Art was crossing the grass by the Catholic Church on the hill when I caught up to him. 

“Charity ride? Bike tour?” He said. “Can I hug you because I like you already.”

Art was head of the church council. He set me up in the school gym and then took me for a spin around town.

“This is a well known place in Shullsburg,” he said, as he brought his car to a stop on a lonesome country road. 

I had heard of the illusion before where you think you’re headed uphill but the car rolls backwards. I didn’t even realize I was in the community where this occurred, let alone on Gravity Hill itself.

Click HERE to watch a short video on this!

After the experiment we tooled around town some more. Art pointed out the local creamery and the acres of high corn in the fields. 

Art worked some of his connections with the volunteer fire department and that’s when we hooked up with Dave who said I’d probably be more comfortable in the air-conditioned fire house. 

The upgrade put me on Main Street with its historic buildings and I was within walking distance of food. 

The Burg was the place to be and bartender Erick spoiled me.

This glass is about the size of a golf ball and, in case you were wondering, it’s a taste of the local Potosi. 

The Burg had high ceilings and great black-and-white prints of sports stars like Marcus Johnson and Sidney Moncrief from the Bucks. 

There were also photos of Brewers Paul Molitor and Robin Yount, Gorman Thomas, Sixto Lescano, Ben Oglivie and Cecil Cooper.

The Burg was a perfect place to relax. A local woman, Ollie, who I saw walking home from church sat next to me and was a good conversationalist. 

“I’m going to have another one,” she said. “But don’t start thinking I’m the town drunk.” 

Seemed everybody who came into The Burg said ‘hi’ to Ollie.

“I’m on the parish council,” she said, explaining her popularity. 

Mapping: I’m on Highway 11 and went through Hazel Green to get to Shullsburg. Stayed on Hwy 11 to Monroe and now I’m headed north on to Stoughton. 

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