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Drifting into Gettysburg, PA

July 7, 2019 – Gettysburg, PA – Dodged a number of horse apples on the highway as I made my way from Lancaster to Gettysburg, PA.

The 62 miles could best be described as a “slog” or a ride with searing temps in the 90’s, growing inclines and harried Saturday motorists. I spent much of the day riding on the sidewalk for safety.

The best part of the day was a 9 a.m. stop at the Prospect Diner on Hwy 30.

“Alllll right sunshine,” drawled the waitress. “Whatareyouhavingtoday?”

Said waitress was about 5’9 with blue jean shorts, lime green shirt, black apron around her waste and a big water stain on the stomach of her shirt.

She treated everyone like she was grouchy. “And have a crummy day,” she yelled to a regular heading out the door.

She made everyone feel at home.

The Prospect Diner had been around since the 1950s. A local favorite that still had a $1.99 breakfast scrawled in marker on the windows. 

Cindy and her friend Susie snugged up to eat at the bar. “What are you doing… biking cross country,” said Cindy.

Short hair, direct, originally from New York. Cindy ran a 3-story antique mall in Lancaster. “I love PA,” she said.

We were fast friends. Swapping stories, family history and dishing on the Amish. “Nobody’s kids wants their parents glassware collection anymore,” she said matter of factly. “And if your kids don’t want it nobody wants it and that’s why it’s priced so low.”

The waitress came around and told the ladies their order. Then she asked Cindy if she had something for a headache.

An industrial-sized bottle was pulled from a purse and a vista of colorful pills splayed on the counter and divvied up to help cure headache and kick start the day.

The ladies bought my breakfast, gave me the usual motherly warning about safe travel and good hydration.

“Keep doing what you’re doing,” said Cindy.  “You’re an inspiration.”

Photo Gallery to Gettysburg:

Interesting art along the highway.

Glorious magnolia from behind the historic Wright’s Ferry Mansion in Columbia, PA.  The aroma was powerful and sweet.

The skyline overlooking Columbia, PA and Richard was my new best biker friend who helped guide me safely out of York.

A rest stop in the shade about 10 miles outside of Gettysburg.

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