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I Can Smell Wisconsin From Here

East Chicago, Indiana – tough day at the office. Headed out of Mishawaka,
Indiana early with the goal of crossing the state line into Illinois. 
On Highway 2 when I stopped to ask for directions for the safest route – that’s when I learned I had to go north to go west.
I regrouped and pedaled into Michigan City, Indiana. Managed 41 miles before noon; even with two rain delays I was making good time.

Pedaled west down the shoreline and through Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore which made national news last year after a boy got swallowed in a sinkhole while climbing to the top of the dune.
He was buried for 11 hours, rescue crews managed to dig him out. The kid was apparently the GrandMarshal at the local parade this year.
There was a big orange sign saying the dunes are now closed.
Biking through the park was a nice break from the busy traffic. It reminded me of the road up to Long Lake with the trees forming a nice canopy.
Drifted into East Chicago, Indiana, with 83 miles on the day. Plan on taking the bike paths through Chicago today. I can smell Wisconsin from here. 

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