.....The BiKeWriTeR

In Less Than 12 Days….

In less than 12 days, The Amazing Ride for Alzheimers 2016 will take off on a mission to raise awareness and funding for programs that benefit those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

In less than 12 days, work strategies will be worked out, duties delegated and trainees trained.
In less than 12 days all travel arrangements to New Mexico will be solidified.
In less than 12 days the course mapping will be nailed in the hopes that detours and other roadblocks don’t cause too much diversion.
In less than 12 days the bicycle of bicycles will have a final once-over and all working parts approved for cross-country travel. It will be lovingly crated and prepared to ride in the cargo area of an airplane headed for New Mexico.
In less than 12 days all personal items and necessities for the trek will be carefully laid out and weighed to ensure lightest provisions for a productive ride.
Advertisers and underwriters who are passionate about the vision and the cause for the trip will have been secured.
Memorials and tributes will be in place so as to honor those who wish to dedicate the ride to a loved one. (It’s not too late – click HERE to add your memorial)
The goal is to raise $100,000 for Alzheimer’s music and activities programs at Cedar Community; this means your donation stays LOCAL.
This isn’t the first time I’m asking and it won’t be the last….
I’ll do the cycling; you partner with me financially so that 100% of the donation goes back to the community you live in – our community – where every penny you give brings just a little more hope, a little more joy to the families of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and who will reap the benefits of these valuable programs along with the ones they love.
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