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Mike and Bizzy

Mike and Bizzy

Two of my coolest new bicycle friends – Mike (Missouri) and Bizzy (Denver).  They camp, and are full of bug bites.  We met at the 49th State Brewing Company in Healy.  I walked up and they said, “Hey, it’s the Lone Ranger!”

They had seen me on the road by myself a couple of times – dressed in my Hefty bag.  They were making their way to Fairbanks on a very relaxed tour.  We had the same thoughts on the love of seeing the world by bike.

Put the Jaws of Life onto my wallet and stopped at the famed 49th State Brewing Company (see above).  They have organic ketchup, which still has a sodium content of 190 mg – but it’s ‘organic,’ so that’s OK.  Get this…my waitress, Kim, is from Lake Geneva, WI!  Crazy comfortable, good food, and they have the replica of the movie bus from the Sean Penn film “Into the Wild.” (see below)  The movie studio left the bus used in the film after a 22-year-old woman died while trying to make it to the Magic Bus.
Note found in bus:

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