.....The BiKeWriTeR

Something your grandfather liked with saltine crackers.

July 2, 2017 – Monster, Holland – My kind neighbors, Jan and Dineke, at the campsite just outside Monster, Holland. 
A good introduction is to always ask for a bottle opener. Jan and Dineke were willing to oblige.
Our conversation ran the gamut from camping to health care to jobs and children and grandchildren.  
Fun!  The next morning Jan invited me over for coffee.  “When do you eat?” she said. She brought out a roll and some slices of cheese, a box of chocolate sprinkles and a hard-boiled egg. 
Jan was a foodie. I asked what food was unique to the culture in the Netherlands.  She mentioned herring. 
I already had a run in with that two days ago. I thought I was getting fried fish from a food truck. Instead I was given raw herring and onions in a sandwich. I gave it back. 
Raw herring. Something your grandfather liked with saltine crackers. 
I mentioned my tour in New Zealand when the couple from the church took me in and served me kiwi as cultural cuisine. 
I said we had those in the US, too, and then I ate it skin and all.
“You ate the hairy outside,” said Jan. 
I said, “Yes. That’s where the fiber is.”

She looked at me and then at my plate. “I’m going to hate to see what you do with that egg,” she said. 

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