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VIDEO | What’s an escape game, a video game and a play at the same time?

June 11, 2017 – Washington County, WI – What is an escape game, a video game, and a play at the same time? Bible Smugglers! – a theater game for ages 7 and up…in the woods, behind Wooded Hills Church in Colgate, just 5 miles west of Menomonee Falls.

The woods behind the church will be transformed into Germany in the 1500’s. ​As you enter into this world, one of the Bible Smugglers characters will give you a mission: find your contact, locate pamphlets by Martin Luther and a New Testament written in English, and then smuggle them out without being stopped by the King’s spies.

Each group will have 10 – 15 people at one time. The course takes about an hour to complete.

Click here for show dates and times. Tickets are $10; advance tickets and group rates available.

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