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Wrapping up the Netherlands Tour

A crazy way to end the Netherlands tour.

 Lost luggage from Atlanta to Milwaukee.

I could only assume that’s what it was as I waited through two shifts at baggage claim. My bicycle arrived; secure in a big cardboard box. There were normally stares – like a crazy lady had shipped her piano overseas and was dragging it through the airport.

As the empty baggage claim turnstyle clunked and whirred along a raggedy man and I stood; mesmerized and waiting.

He was dressed in black. A flare of pins on his worn leather jacket. A guitar slung over his shoulder.

“Looks like they got to ours last,” I said striking up conversation about our luggage woes.

He glanced at me through his sunglasses. “I just landed,” he said with somewhat of a British accent.

We bantered, dryly, about travel and Milwaukee.

Pretty soon his luggage arrived. He won the bet. I said I was documenting my journey and could I get his name. “Just call me Elvis.”

I gave a polite laugh…

Then he started walking towards a chauffeur-looking guy holding a that read ‘Costello.’

Things started adding up: guitar, flare, British accent.

My journey to the Netherlands ended waiting at baggage claim with none other rocker than Elvis Costello.

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