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1st Day in Italy: Pic Gallery

Photo gallery from first day in Italy: 
(L) A bit of street art from Italy. It was on the walls as I came out of a tunnel on a bike path in Milan. Lots of blind turns on the path and other bicyclists whistling a warning or giving a courtesy ring on their bell. I feel at home; so many people from my tribe. The streets are full of bikers of all ages. Amazing how fit the senior citizens are!
(R)The man in the photo was my tour guide who led me to Hotel Rosy.
I admired his artwork, in particular the snake dragon wrapped around a woman in a bikini. Classic. I mentioned ‘photo’ and he started taking off his clothes.
Does photo mean something different in Italian?
Hotel Rosy was comfortable, clean and a quiet place to get well rested before my big adventure.
-I still need to find a map. Managed to get out of the airport and to Milan just by feeling the roads, reading signs and enjoying the fact I was bicycling in Italy.
-I have a bidet in my room at Hotel Rosy. It classes up the joint.
-That’s my stinky jersey hanging from my shoelace laundry line in the one window in my room at Hotel Rosy.
-Sunny and hot, right around 80.

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