.....The BiKeWriTeR

A new reality show.

July 3, 2017 – Delft, Netherlands – Broke way out of my box this morning and asked my Polish neighbors at the campsite if I could tag along on their kayaking adventure. 
I’m not sure any of us knew what we going on until I climbed in the kayak with Wojciech. 
And make that Wojciech No. 2 as both boys had the same name. Susanna was our translator.

This could be the next successful reality TV show. Drop an American in a kayak with a group of people who only speak Polish. It was quite a bit of time spent in the weeds.
Susanna packed a GoPro and the boys a lighter and a six pack. It was a co-ed team in each kayak. 
During a break on shore we connected through music. Justin Bieber drew a laugh. Pink garnered no reaction. AC/DC got head nods from the boys. Very fun.
Hat tip to my camping host Alex who connects with the Alzheimer’s tour and let me stay the night for free. Such nice hospitality. 

Started off after the noon whistle to Rotterdam. 

Diana helped me find the grocery in Rotterdam. “I’d very much like to come to US but I hate flying,” she said. So cheerful and with many questions about the US. “Is it big? I watch shows about the states on documentaries.” 

Diana has a little girl born on Christmas Day. She was just so genuine and kind. 

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