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VIDEO | The singing bears and my party invitation

July 3, 2017 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – The communities in the Netherlands are pretty tight knit. There is a lot of agricultural area with farm fields and livestock. Today I happened upon a family of swans just outside Rotterdam. 
This was the neatest idea in Zoetermeer where a historic photo of the street would be posted in the same area of the current street. 

Just an FYI: This is also a grocery in the Netherlands. I rode past it about three times before finally asking where the food store was located. 

Met Wilma in the grocery. I asked her about the singing bears (see video below). She was extremely friendly and chatty. “Happy 4th of July,” she said. “Come celebrate with us. My American friend is in town.” 

And with that I’ve been invited to a July 4th party!

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