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Billie’s, Bunk Beds, and I’m Bushed

Spending Thursday night at Billie’s Backpacker Hostel in Fairbanks. 
Pulled in around 8 p.m.
Don’t ask me how I found it…. Billie is a white-haired woman in her 70s.  No shoes allowed beyond the front door and no talking upstairs.  My bed is a futon in a room with two bunk beds.  The windows are open so there’s a breeze…and I’m tired.  For $30, I’ll take it.
Once in Fairbanks, I tried to get my bearings.  Good thing it says light past midnight…but you could tell the streets were being rolled up because traffic was sparse.  It took a lot of networking before I stumbled upon Billie’s Backpacker’s Hotel.
Billie had been running her Hostel since the 1970’s.
It was homey and clean, and she ran a tight ship.
“Shoes off at the door, and no talking upstairs where people are sleeping – 
not even during the day,” she said.
Kitchen area.
Living Room
Flowers outside Billie’s Hostel

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