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Farmer’s Market – Alaskan Style

Up the road from Gwennie’s Restaurant in Anchorage, AK was a Saturday Farmers’ Market with a beautiful array of fresh vegetables, flowers, and honey.


There was also homemade jellies in glass jars – the brilliant colors of sugary spread glistened in the sun; red rhubarb, a soft yellow pineapple mint and a blurry orange jar of carrot-raisin marmalade.


The corner market was also infused with a young entrepreneurial spirit. A twenty-something woman named Kate sold cucumber and rhubarb popsicles from a Franken bike which she said was designed by a friend. The lime-green three wheeler carried a small box cooler and a handmade sign that read ‘Popcycle.’
Kate selling frozen $3 treats at Popcycle.

There was also a 12-year-old boy who set up a card-table storefront at the entrance to the market. Grayson made Alaskan survival bracelets. It was a fashion statement with a safety them; think Davey Crockett meets Martha Stewart.
The bracelets were a thick red-and-black weave of style that could also be used in an emergency – say if you’re lost in the cold tundra or wilderness. The clasp on the bracelet could be unhinged and a short flint used to scrape a pencil stub of metal and spark fire.
For those instances where kindling is scarce, the weave of the bracelet could be pulled apart. The shredded twine had been covered in a paraffin wax and was super flammable. 

Grayson Davey teaches potential customer John Paul the strategy of sparking fire with a $35 Alaskan Survivor Bracelet.

 Quail eggs $4 a dozen.

 Fresh bakery stand
Side notes:
-First day on tour I managed 34.41 miles – just getting the feel of Anchorage.
-The weather is much cooler than I anticipated, after hearing reports of a 90-degree heat wave the past few weeks.
– I wore earmuffs much of the day along with long spandex biking pants and my neck gator.
– Sunset in Alaska is 11:59.
– The terrain in the city of Anchorage is rather flat with some minor hills and you can see the mountains in the distance.
– When people ask about the ride and I get to the part about Alzheimer’s, I’m surprised by how many people have their own story of a family member affected by the disease.
– A gallon of regular unleaded is $3.89.
– My plan is to head south to Homer and I have no idea on how long this will take – come on people, I’m on vacation!

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