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VIDEO | Finding Wisconsin in the Netherlands, Part II

July 4, 2017 – Gouda, Netherlands – Hokey and loving it. Gouda is a community in the Netherlands known for its clay pipes, treacle waffles and of course it’s cheese.  Upon my entrance to the city I find this cheeky cow made of Legos. Reminds me of home. 

Toured the historic Museum Gouda. The location used to be a shelter for the homeless, begging monks and escaped serfs. They were allowed to spend the night.  
Also at the museum was a remake of the hospital pharmacy. If a pharmacist wanted to display his status to his clients he put crocodiles and other exotic animals like salamanders and snakes on show. Snakes were, by the way, also used as a cookie ingredient; viper cookies kept you young.
Agypy  was the medicine made of finely pounded mummies –  believed to give you eternal life.

 Felis was made of dried cats good against rheumatism as cats are flexible.

The famous cheese shop in Gouda (photo, above) where they even made blue lavender cheese (see video, below).

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