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VIDEO | Sorry, Wisconsin, no cheese for YOU

June 28, 2017 – Leiden, Holland – Spent an extra day in Leiden which is about 25 miles south of Amsterdam. 

Smaller community than Amsterdam but a college town and fast paced with a lot of museums. Plus, there was heavy rain overnight and more precipitation on tap today. There are also several museums I missed … so those are all my excuses and I’m sticking to it. 

Ramon Severs was one of the first vendors I ran into. He was a good-looking guy and spoke English, but I was drawn to his big wheels of cheese. 

The 25-pounder would not fit on my bike nor would the cheddar stone of 40 kilos. Sorry, Wisconsin friends.

Side note: Listen in on the video. I like the part where he says “I’m my own boss.”

The vendors with white tents ran down the edge of the river and all around the city centre. 

There was a meat man, bolts of fabric and sport socks, olives and candies. One could experience a real hum to the market. 

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